"Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other."

Ten Word Poem #6 via (poemsbysmm)

"Confidence is being able to say “Fuck you, I’m the shit” without opening your mouth, say it with your walk, with your smile, say it with your entire being."

Tati-Ana Mercedes   (via california-xox-n0stalgia)

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe."

Albert Einstein (via feellng)

everything personal♡

"after all that we had we act like we had never met"

the xx (via rosyblooms)

White text reads: “I’ve had three knee surgeries, thirteen teeth pulled, six psychotic roommates, and three bosses who belong behind bars. But I had you. So yeah, I would consider myself a lucky person.”

"But I love you
so much more
than just to the moon
and back."

"I can never unlove you. I’ll just love you in a different way now."

Marco, Starting Over Again (via perfect)




Woman has a lot of sex: Whore.

Man has a lot of sex: God.

Woman is virgin by choice: Pure magical creature.

Man is virgin by choice: Loser.

society u ok

i’m glad she included the flip side